Abstract Submission & Guidelines

2019 invites all interested individuals to submit original abstracts
for oral sessions & poster sessions where we can share the most
up-to-date research works and discuss current issues of general

– June 30th 2019

Abstracts received after this date will not be considered.

Submission guidelines

  • Abstracts can only be submitted online.
  • Abstracts will be presented orally or as paper poster. The authors may choose the form of presentation at the time of submission, but the final decision is upon the scientific committee.
  • All abstracts must be sent in .pdf format (template below). The author should attach the abstract file in the system (maximum 4MB).
  • All abstracts must be written in clear English or won’t be accepted.
  • Abstracts previously presented or published will not be accepted for presentation.
  • Submission of similar abstracts from the same group is discouraged.
  • It is the author’s responsibility to submit a correct abstract. Please check carefully your text before completing your submission.
    • The main author / presenter must be registered no later than one week after acceptance of the abstract or it won’t be included in the final program.
    • Authors are allowed to be the presenting author of more than one abstract.
    • Authors are allowed to be a co-author of more than one abstract.
  • After submission, a confirmation letter will be automatically sent to the responsible author’s email address. Please make sure that registered personal data are correct. If you don’t receive this confirmation, don’t submit the abstract again and contact the scientific committee at abstracts@lasid.org
  • The acceptance of abstracts will be notified to the responsible author’s email address up to August 15th, 2019. Details regarding oral presentation (time and date) or poster (size, date, time for presentation, placement and withdrawal) – will be informed in the acceptance email.
  • All abstracts must have an ethical approval of the institution.
  • Authors must declare all conflict of interest with financial relationships with any commercial products.
  • The author must indicate the themes and subthemes from those proposed by LASID 2019 at the time of submission (see below).
  • After submitted, the abstract cannot be changed.
  • For each approved and presented paper, a certificate will be provided, with the name of the author and co-authors.

Themes and subthemes

  • Basic Immunology and biological mechanisms
  • Innate immunity defects
  • T cell and combined defects
  • Antibody defects
  • Autoimmunity, autoinflammation and immunedysregulation
  • Therapy
  • Patient’s associations abstracts
  • Others

Abstract Structure and Content

The abstract should not exceed 2500 characters.
Abstracts exceeding this limit won’t be accepted. Normal margins
(2,54 cm top, bottom, left, right).

Type the title single-spaced in 12-point Arial bold, Upper and lower case and NOT in CAPITAL letters.

Type the author(s) name(s) single-spaced in 10-point Arial regular.

Type the affiliation(s) and email address(es) single-spaced in 10-point Arial italic.

Type the body of the abstract text (including references and tables) single-spaced in 10-point Arial regular.

Example of what a properly prepared meeting abstract should look like:

in Arial 12 point – Upper and Lower Case, bold




may subtitle the paragraphs in the following order: Introduction,
Objectives, Results, and Conclusion. If it is a case
presentation: Introduction, Case presentation, Discussion.

is inadequate to state “The results will be discussed” or “The
data will be presented”.